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Sea Cruising Trips in Dubai

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Sea Cruising Dubai is totally an awesome tour as it offers so much to the travelers including the extraordinary beaches, the modern architecture, and the remarkable man-made Islands on the pleasant and relaxing environment of Arabian Gulf. The Dubai Sea Cruising is a very relaxing activity when you are in Dubai. The moment you step on bard until you explore all the major attractions and destinations, your experience of this cruise will definitely be beyond compare. Here you will have an opportunity to overlook the magnificent view of the Arabian Gulf; the wonderful beaches; Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world; Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis, the Palm resort.

The Sea Cruising Dubai provides you a fabulous opportunity to witness the panoramic view from the balcony where you will be overlooking the awesome views on a peaceful environment or you can just sit and relax while taking every memorable photograph you can. The sea cruising trip provides you the endless choices to do, with the simple fishing equipments to name one, and discover while reveling in some refreshments on board.

The cruising boats are modern and equipped with modern amenities including the advanced navigation system, master cabins, living rooms with TV, luxurious AC Cabin, kitchen, toilet, sound system, sun bed and stereo sound system. The Sea Cruising Tour in Dubai is a perfect tour that suits all kind of clients and customers.

The Sea Cruising Tour will take you around 30 miles on the Arabian Gulf and coastline with an experience of catching a great variety of fishes including kingfish, Hamoour, Sailfish, Tuna, Catfish and many more. The Sea Cruising is an excellent way to explore the Arabian Gulf. With this experience, you can enjoy, chill out and relax with friends, relatives, colleagues and business partners. Should you require any further information on pricing, availability and packages, then please give us a call at +971 42568827 or send us an e-mail at tours@Al and we will assist you to find the best deal for the Sea Cruising Tour in Dubai.