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Hot Air Balloon Ride

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See the beauty of the desert from above. Get a fantastic glimpse of the Arabian Desert. Hover over the sand dunes; get a bird's eye view of the vast sandy dunes and panoramic view of mountains that will present you a breath taking experience.

Nothing is more gratifying to a traveler's eye and spirit than a scenic view. A great view is mostly seen from a high range. But it is most splendid when you are floating on air right above it. Dubai is well known for its high structures and its surrounding desserts. For you to experience the real beauty of this place, a Dubai hot air balloon ride is highly recommended. Being on the dessert itself may seem nothing really special about it but if you are a couple of feet floating from the ground, its mystifying beauty uncovers itself.

A Dubai hot air balloon ride is extremely relaxing. Experience an incontestable tranquility with a balloon ride overlooking the red desert near the Fossil Rock between Hatta and Dubai. Have a new perspective of the desert with its landscapes similar those that can be found in the moon. Feel the cool breeze give a relaxing touch to your body while elevating into the air. Let the blue sky mesmerize you as it combines with the setting sun. Take a glimpse of the scenery while the sunlight envelopes the earth, revealing all the beauty the place has to offer.

A Dubai hot air balloon ride will be dearly loved by both locals and tourists alike. It can accommodate two to twenty four people in a single flight. Children below five years old are not allowed to ride for safety reasons. The service includes transportation from hotels in Dubai. It is approximately an hour of fun ride. There will be a flight certificate which is signed by the pilot, and there will be refreshments to be given after the flight. This once in a lifetime experience and satisfaction will definitely be worth every penny.

Note: Hot Air Balloon Tour will be closed for summer from 01 June 2014 until 19 September 2014.