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Hatta Mountain Safari

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Al Ahli Tours & Travels provides an exclusive weekend offer to those seeking relaxation and refreshment opportunities after the long work week or for someone who is looking for an idyllic place during their holiday trip in Dubai. The Hatta Mountain Safari Dubai offers holiday makers and adventure seekers a relaxing setting with exciting opportunities to see the most awesome sceneries there are. The Hatta Mountain Safari has become a very popular tourist destination amongst tourists and locals-affording an exclusive safari with magnificent views of various forms of fossil rocks on the Hatta Mountain Valley at Madham. One you visit Hatta Mountain, you will see the magnificent scenario while you enjoy and chill out with awesome display of springs. This is a perfect place for recreation and refreshments. When you are really looking for an extraordinary escape to heal your body and soul from the long day work, then this is the best place to visit.

Hatta Mountain Safari is a unique and integrated tour conducted on both the desert and on the mountains. The trail starts from the red sand desert with an opportunity to take some photographs. The safari tour continues towards the famous Carpet Market and the Pottery Market where we allow you to spend 15 to 20 minutes to explore the traditional market and get some souvenirs that you wish to take back home. The most fascinating part of the Hatta Mountain Safari tour starts when you reach the Hatta Heritage Village, famous historical site which is located in the Hajjar Mountains. Here you will see an example and a reflection of 16th century art, architecture and culture. All the houses and mosques in the heritage village are constructed using the traditional materials including palm tree trunks, mud and stone from the mountains. Hatta is the part of Dubai that is traditionally visited as a summer habitation by the Dubai-based families to veer away from the extreme heat and humidity of the coast. After exploring this historical place for approximately around 25 to 30 minutes, you will be driven to the Hatta Dam which offers a superb view where you could shoot some rare photographs. After which is a time to try and experience an adventure off-road by driving for up to 15 minutes towards Hatta Pools and plunge into the blue waters springs. This location is an isolated location – it truly offers an unwinding breathing space to every tourist. On the way back we will provide you an opportunity to take a short break in a Lebanese restaurant where you will be having a picnic lunch.

Hatta Mountain Safari is extremely an off-road drive and we strongly advise you to wear your seat belt on during the entire tour. Please wear casuals and sun glasses during summer and warm clothes during the winter. It is recommended to bring a camera with you most especially if you are a person with a deep passion for photography. This tour is an exclusive tour for those who are looking for a different experience during their stay in Dubai. If you are looking at taking the the Hatta Mountain Tour on groups, we can also offer a tailor made suggestion that suits your requirements. Please call us at +97142568827 or send us an e-mail at tours@Al for more details about the Hatta Mountain Safari Tour or for the reservation.

This is a trip where both residents and tourists can relax and refresh themselves from the modern day city life. One must experience the adventures of this tour at least once in their lifetime. Visiting Hatta Mountain Safari is overall an extra ordinary experience and worth spending money on.
Suggestions and tips during your visit to Hatta Mountain Safari:

  • Respect the culture and dress of local people during your visit.
  • Bring your original passport with you during your visit to Hatta Mountain Safari.
  • Bring swimming suits and sun glasses with you.
  • Wear a casual dress or trousers along with sports shoes or light sandals.
  • Bring a professional or a handy camera or video camera to take some memorable photos of Hatta Safari Tour.
  • Know as much as possible about the country including its history, religion, geography and government.
  • Ask permission before taking any pictures with strangers or people who are on local costumes.
Do Not:
  • Do not take the photos of security officers or check points during your entire trip to Hatta Mountain Safari.
  • Never carry large a amount of cash with you.
  • Do not bring and wear expensive jewelries with you during your tour to Hatta Mountain Safari.
  • Do not lose your passport or Identity card as you have to present it to numerous check points for security reasons.
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