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Dinner at Burj Al Arab

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Viewed across the globe as a landmark creation, Burj Al Arab in Dubai is located on a manmade Island. One of the World's tallest luxurious hotels is designed in a shape of a ballooning sail. At 321 meters above the ground, the guests will enjoy a spectacular view of the rest of Dubai city, the famous Jumeirha mosque and the Persian Gulf.

A Trip to Burj Al Arab is the last stop for those seeking to spend their holidays in any of the world's most splendid hotels. This is the World's only 7-star rated hotel.

The Hotel has a state-of-the-art restaurant, Al Muntaha, designed in the form of a cantilever. Each arm extends above water for a distance of 27m from the fulcrum. The Restaurant is only accessible by an elevator. Another restaurant, Al Mahara, is designed under the water with a large aquarium holding close to a million liters of water. Al Mahara restaurant is accessible only by a submarine.

Despite being a massive structure, a Trip to Burj Al Arab hotel reveals many contradictions in design works. The 28-storied structure is designed for 222 bedrooms largely due to a splendid interior design works and an impressive vertical spacing. The most expensive suites cost US $12,000 a night with an area of 800 square meters. Guests on budget can receive accommodation for as little as US $1000 but with a much smaller spacing.

The best way you can visit the Burj Al Arab, as a tourist on budget, is to visit one of the restaurants housed at Burj Al Arab. You will not be permitted to roam around or see the hotel in detail but there is no better way than visit to the restaurants to have a closer look at the structure.