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Dinner at Atlantis Dubai

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Enjoy an undeniably great Dinner at Palm Atlantis! Dubai is the world's most incredible destination that one can come and visit to have great vacations. This is a city of superlatives such as tallest, highest, largest and biggest. The city has everything to offer for all ages and welcomes you to have an extraordinary experience.

The Palms is the man-made islands that are declared as the largest islands of the world. These are named so because they look like a palm tree. This island is self-declared as the eighth wonder of world. This is a perfect place to spend your holidays. The islands include luxury hotels, residential villas, apartments, restaurants, shopping malls, water theme park, cinemas and many more to enjoy your vacations.

Atlantis, the Palm, has got the most extravagant attractions that one can ever see in their life time. You get a unique experience and get a chance to discover new things to do on every day. Aquaventure Waterpark is one among the many things you can do where you can have non-stop water fun. You can experience new things like water slides and river rides and more. Dolphin bay is another great activity to experience where you can enjoy and learn some innovative things. One can experience the adventures with the dolphins or one can also touch, hug, play a ball with, hold hands, swim with and feel the overwhelming experience with the dolphins. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is also another adventure in Atlantis where one can explore the underwater tunnels and mazes of the lost civilization. This is where tourists can encounter sharks, eels, seahorses and many more. Shopping and Dining are very good encounter that one can have. You can get a taste of almost all types of cuisines in the many restaurants that offer great taste of food that you have ever had before.

One must not miss the chance to visit the world's most incredible destination so come and contact ALT so we can arrange a visit to one of the restaurants in Atlantis. The dinner package doesn't include sightseeing or entry passes to the facilities inside Atlantis, which has to be booked as a separate package.